Bergen County Kitchen Design in Wyckoff NJ

So many people tried to talk me out of #carraramarble countertops in our kitchen. I am so happy I didn’t listen. I did my research reading countless blogs and articles about marble in kitchens. I visited 8 stone yards until I found the perfect slab. After almost a year I love these countertops as much as the day they were installed. 

Marble is not for everyone. If you are going to feel stressed out everytime you cook or host a party because you think there are going to be stains from every spill, then I wouldn't get marble.  We cook in our kitchen almost every night- the day that our marble was installed my daughter made ice cream in our kitchen. We host a lot of parties. We have spilled red wine, tomato sauce, salsa, you name it.  I don't sweat it. I wipe it up and it's totally fine!!  We don't have a single stain on our marble.  It's honed which is more forgiving than polished.  And it was sealed the day it was installed which also helps.  There is some etching that you can only notice in certain light BUT our granite in our old kitchen also had etching so that isn't strictly something that occurs with marble.  And nobody else notices the etching.

Morale of the story is to get what you LOVE. Whatever you have your heart set on.  If you don't you could always have regrets which could cost more time and money in the long-run to remedy. 


Are you dreaming of a new kitchen? I would love to help you design your brand new kitchen or give your current kitchen a refresh!  I can help you pick out your backsplash tile, paint, hardware, lighting, faucet, sink, you name it!  If you are in northern NJ (within 45 minutes of Wyckoff in Bergen County) then this can all be done in person. If you are outside of my travel area than I can help you remotely via email.